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Top Spring Breakfast Spots

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Seafood as Personal Baggage Requirements

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR EXPORTING SEAFOOD FROM THE BAHAMAS AS A PART OF PERSONAL BAGGAGEThe Bahamas Fisheries regulations allow travelers to export a limited amount of marine resources as part of their personal baggage. Listed below are the maximum allowable limits for all travelers traveling both by air and sea. Seafood Export Limits carried as part of personal baggage: • Six Dolphin, Wahoo or Kingfish • Ten (10 lbs.) pounds of Conch* or Crawfish • Twenty (20 lbs.) pounds of Demersal fish Additional Requirements for Conch Exports The Convention on the Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES), which The Bahamas is a party to, has listed the Queen Conch as an endangered species. Therefore, any conch export from The Bahamas requires the issuance of a CITES Export Permit. Persons traveling with up to ten (10 lbs.) pounds of conch may apply directly to the Department of Agriculture's Permits Section for the CITES Export Permit. This section …
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Closure of Nassau Grouper Fishing Throughout The Bahamas

The Department of Fisheries wishes to advise the public that the taking, landing, processing, selling and offering for sale of fresh Nassau Grouper will be prohibited from the first of December to the end of February throughout The Islands of The Bahamas. The above measure is a part of efforts being made to ensure that the commercial fishery for the Nassau Grouper in The Bahamas will be sustained for the benefit of present and future generations of Bahamian fishermen and consumers.
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